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ORIGIN: Handmade Indian Vegetable Dye

CODE: 352-104

SIZE: 2.76 x 1.83

This really magnificent vegetal-dye rug was hand knotted in India. The creators of these rugs give their Indian producers antique Indian, Persian and Turkish designs upon which the weavers can improvise. These one-of-a-kind rugs are ‘recreations’ rather than ‘reproductions.’ They re-create old carpets (a process which requires creativity) rather than merely copying them. Beautiful rug like this are stunning in a space that calls for that size.

In general, “vegetable dyes” are taken to be an indication of a more traditional, more rural, more country rug weaving, while synthetic dyes are considered more characteristic of city or commercial production. Even this distinction breaks down, however, when one realizes that synthetic azo dyes (an acid direct dye that yields yellow or orange-red) were introduced to many weaving areas between 1875 and 1890, and by the turn of the century were available to many rural weavers. If a village weaver could obtain a synthetic dye, he or she was very likely to use it right alongside his traditional dyestuffs. Just because a rug is 50 years old does not mean it is “vegetable” dyed. Nor does a “vegetable” dye guarantee a longer life or higher value to the carpet. The “vegetable” black we find in so many old Turkish and Balouch rugs is so corrosive that areas of black nap will be completely worn away while nap of other colors is still thick and fully piled. Had the black been a good chrome synthetic, the rug would be in much better condition. – See more at:

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