By providing the alternative regular gift to the kids you will help us ensure that we are there for the children and their families who may need our support in the future. By making a regular donation you are providing a predictable income which is invaluable to us when it comes to planning and budgeting for the services that we provide to children’s hospitals, and financial assistance to the parents. Regular giving is also a very cost effective way of donating because there is less administration involved than with one off donations, which means lower costs associated with every dollar received.

Every donation of $2 or more is of course tax deductible.  A regular gift to Kids with Cancer Foundation Australia, no matter how small, is a wonderful way to show you care. Over a 12-month period this could have a major impact on the life of a young child with cancer which may become a progressive life-limiting illness and their families, friends and carers.


The 100% charity

100% of all direct donations to Kids with Cancer Foundation are passed on to struggling families of kids with cancer and to children’s hospitals where they are treated.
No management fees, salaries or any running costs of the Foundation are taken from our ‘Gift Account’, and that is our promise to cancer families and our supporters.  Our cancer foundation donations are only used for families who are struggling financially, and have a child in one of our Australian children’s hospitals being treated for a brain tumor, leukemia and all other childhood cancer, or directly to children’s hospitals.
Cancer families must travel to a major city children’s hospital to have their child treated for a brain tumor, leukemia or other childhood cancers, and the cost can cripple a family’s available income over this treatment period, which is at the least months and usually years.  We have no maximum dollar amount per family/per year as we take each social worker’s request on merit when it’s received.  One such story is below:

On Monday I went to ‘Fantastic Furniture’ and purchased a single bed, tallboy, bedside table, mattress and dining room setting.  I called into ‘Spotlight’ and picked up two sheet sets, two pillows, two pillow cases, pillow protectors, doona, doona cover and mattress protector.  The two Pete’s delivered the furniture in our trailer to a single mother of two near Westmead and assembled the furniture for her.  Pete had the little girl with a tube up her nose (and not much hair) running round helping him assemble stuff.  Now the 7 year old girl has her own bed to sleep in as she was sharing with her sister and we hope the risk of infection will be minimised while she goes through her chemo treatment over the next 12 months.  We also provided $350 in Woolworth’s vouchers as they basically had no food.  We knew of this single mother’s plight through a social worker request.  The mother called that afternoon to thank me.

10 of the families that we helped were asking for help through their social workers to pay for their child’s funeral.  We’re proud to say that no other charity does what we do for families, or hospitals.  We are different to most other children’s charities, not too many others have executive directors that go shopping for furniture and bed linen for a little girl who has at best 12 months of chemo ahead of her. 

You can help a family of a young child with cancer today, by ensuring that your donation to a children’s cancer charity will get through to the kids in its entirety.
Donate by free call to: 1800 255522, or mail cheques to, Kids with Cancer Foundation PO Box 7000 Baulkham Hills BC NSW 2153.

Our cancer foundation funds assist doctors, nurses, families and support groups involved in caring for only the youngest of children suffering with a brain tumor, leukemia and all other childhood cancers, from new born babies to young teenagers. The money we raise and the donations we receive, are allocated by our founding committee, benefiting, both public hospitals with children’s oncology units and families who find themselves placed in financial difficulties, due to their child being treated for cancer.

As a cancer foundation we have been in contact with all children’s hospitals throughout Australia, with an offer of assistance.  To date we have provided funding to eight hospitals in four States and The Northern Territory and family assistance (through the social workers) in nine children’s hospitals: Sydney Children’s, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, John Hunter Newcastle, Royal Brisbane, Monash Children’s in Victoria, Mater Children’s Brisbane, Canberra, Women’s & Children’s Adelaide and Princess Margaret Perth.

Other non-profit organisations such as ‘The Children’s Cancer Institute’ and ‘The Malcolm Sargeant Cancer Fund for Children’ in NSW (now trading as RedKite) and Melbourne University have also received funding, mainly to assist families with funeral costs.  Canteen, Redkite, Starlight, Camp Quality & Make A Wish Foundation all do great work but we are different and independant from all others.

Our Funding Committee receives requests from hospitals for specific needs. After direct consultation with the doctors or social workers concerned, these requests are dealt with on a priority basis.  It may be that the hospital requires wages, for doctors to be trained in the special care needed for paediatric oncology, or for nursing staff, social workers and other personnel.  It may also be for, computer equipment, or possibly an additional pharmacist for the oncology ward. Our funds may be used for something as simple as recliner chairs to make the kids more comfortable, or blood pressure monitors when they receive treatment, as in The Mater Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

Laptop computers and Apple iPads have been given as we feel kids games are very important these iPads allow the kids to have boys games and girls games and to be able to create slide shows of family photos, with the inbuilt camera take pictures of family and hospital staff and using the ‘Garage Band’ program record their own music.


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