Afghan Vegetable Dye “Chobi”


Stock No: 390-005414

Size: 1.85 x 1.24m

Type: Afghan Vegetable Dye “Chobi”

Location: Perth WA – Persian Carpet Gallery – 174 Stirling Hwy Nedlands – Ph: 08-9386 6484

Colours: Blue, Brown and Cream

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The Chobi style of rug is relatively recent, initially made about twelve to fifteen years ago.The word Chobi means “wood coloured” in Farsi (Iranian). Thus you will see that many Chobi rugs feature natural earth tones in their colouring, often very muted. The pile of a Chobi rug is constructed of hand spun wool that is also hand dyed with natural vegetable dyes. They are woven on a strong cotton warp and weft, which, along with the woollen pile, means that they are very well made rugs that are very durable and well suited to dining and formal living rooms.

Chobis are very appealing and charming rugs. Their subtle colour variations, muted natural tones and their classic open type floral designs means that they are well suited to any type of decor, be it minimalist, modern or contempory type decors. And as with all hand made rugs, no two are the same, thus there are many different colour combinations that exist to suit your home.

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Blue, brown, cream


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